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Shawn Farris, American attorney who practices primarily in corporate and real estate property law. He practices law as a means to support his travel habits. This month, he visited country number “63” on his list of “countries visited”

Hancu Monastery – Bursuc village, Moldova – Daily Photo

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This is a picture taken at the Mănăstirea Hâncu (“Hancu Monastery”). Origins in 1678 when the Great High Steward Mihail Hancu built this monastery for one of his daughters who expressed a […]

Crocodile Feeding Time – Rio Tarcoles, Costa Rica – Daily Photo

The Tarcoles River is filled with crocodiles. The small village of Tarcoles is near the area where the Tarcoles River meets the Pacific Ocean. There are several tour companies which will ferry […]

Crocodiles From Above – Rio Tarcoles, Costa Rica – Daily Photo

This photo was taken last week at Rio Tarcoles in Costa Rica. Estimates put the population of these crocodiles at 200 crocodiles per square mile – hence the “no swimming” signs around […]

Book Review: Smart Spanish for Tontos Americanos by Hamer and Diez

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“Smart Spanish for Tontos Americanos” is an excellent resource and a recommended for those who want to improve their abilities to more effectively understand and speak Spanish.  The Spanish-speaking world has its […]

Kalemegdan – Belgrade, Serbia – Daily Photo

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Located in Belgrade, capital of Serbia, this impressive fortress called Kalemegdan sits where the Sava and Danube rivers meet.

The Color of Money – Serbia – Daily Photo

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Historic figures and vibrant colors make Serbian money a wonderful still life, worthy of a photo.

Fortress Above the City – Prizren, Kosovo – Daily Photo

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Shawn Farris captured a beautiful, birds-eye-view of the historic city of Prizren in Kosovo. He shares his travel stories about Serbia and Kosovo on episode 336 of the Amateur Traveler Podcast.

The Island of Moorea – French Polynesia – Daily Photo

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The island of Moorea, a short ferry ride from the island of Tahihi. Moorea is the island where the ship, the Bounty, was sailed under the command of Captain Bligh… well, until […]

Serbia Military Museum – Belgrade, Serbia – Daily Photo

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Located within the Belgrade Fortress, the Serbia Military Museum holds a collection that commemorates Serbia’s military history. The collection even includes pieces of a U.S. Stealth Bomber shot down in the conflict […]

Fortress of St. Mark – Corfu, Greece – Daily Photo

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This photo shows the Fortress of St. Mark in Corfu, Greece. It was built by Venetians between late 16th century and early 17th century and is strategically located in near the old […]